LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

The job search and hiring processes are increasingly relying on technology. Social media is more important than ever in professional networking and career advancement. The CUNY Graduate Center offers the following video (or you can read here) to help you make a great first impression online and optimize your visibility to recruiters and employers on the LinkedIn platform.

Congratulations to Our Executive Officer Prof. Brian Gibney – a 2019 Outreach Volunteer, ACS!

Congratulations to our Chemistry PhD Program at the City University of New York Executive Officer Prof. Brian Gibney, who has been awarded the 2019 Outreach Volunteer of the Year Award by the American Chemical Society (ACS)!

“Brian Gibney has been a key asset to New York Section Outreach for a decade. As the Section webmaster, he supports outreach events including the Undergraduate Research Symposium, Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, National Chemistry Week, and the William H. Nichols Medal. Brian co-founded the annual Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public lecture. He pioneered the Section’s outreach using social media, monthly Chair’s Emails, and livestreaming seminars in the New York Local Section of the American Chemical Society. Brian has served the New York Section as Chair (2017, Outstanding Local Section), Secretary (2011-2012), and Councilor (2013-2015). Nationally he serves on the Committee on Science (2014–2018).”