Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry

Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry deals with innovation, design, and discovery of materials for specific functions in the size regime, typically < 100 nm, in which physical properties (e.g. optical, electronic) are often significantly affected by size and structure. Nanotechnology has many potential applications and continues to impact medicine, energy technology, and electronics. The Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) offers access to wide variety of techniques and training, enabling students to acquire a formidable skill set in materials fabrication and characterization.

Research Areas:
Surface chemistry and catalysis
Quantum nanostructures
Light harvesting materials
Materials Science
Soft Materials and self-assembly
Energy technology
Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine


Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Stephen O’Brien, Subdiscipline Chair

Daniel Akins
Elizabeth Biddinger
Mark Biscoe
Adam Braunschweig
Xi Chen
Malgorzata (“Maggie”) Ciszkowska
Alexander Couzis
Joseph Dannenberg
Roger Dorsinville
Charles Drain
Dorthe Eisele
Qiao-Sheng Hu
Andrei Jitianu
George John
Glen Kowach
Ilona Kretzschmar
Michal Kruk
Alan Lyons
Hiroshi Matsui
Aneta Mieszawska
Michael Mirkin
Stephen O’Brien
Ralf Peetz
Krishnaswami Raja
Elisa Riedo
Chwen-Yang Shew
Peter Spellane
Ruth Stark
Maria Tamargo
Rein Ulijn
Michele Vittadello
Nan-loh Yang
Alexandre Zaitsev
Shuiqin Zhou