Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry is a multidisciplinary science that deals with the chemical synthesis and chemical properties of macromolecules. Over fifteen faculty members conduct research in all areas of polymer chemistry from synthesis to application to nanosystems. Our students go on to careers in industry (Merck, 3M, Agilent) Government (Navy & Army Research Labs) and academia (SUNY Buffalo, Tsinghua, China).

Research Areas:
Polymer Synthesis
Medical Applications
Materials Science
Computation & Simulation


Polymer Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Nan-Loh Yang & Michal Kruk, Subdiscipline Chairs

Spiro Alexandratos
Roger Dorsinville
Qiao-Sheng Hu
Shi Jin
Michal Kruk
Sharon Loverde
Alan Lyons
Robert Messinger
Fred Naider
Naphtali O’Connor
Ralf Peetz
Sebastien Poget
Krishnaswami Raja
Chwen-Yang Shew
Ming Tang
Nan-Loh Yang
Shuiqin Zhou