Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is the science of measurement that focuses on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals. All types of instrumental analysis and electrochemistry can be used for the identification and quantitation of analytes. The analysis may require the separation of complex mixtures using varies types of chromatography, data analysis, chemometrics and improved experimental design. Modern analytical methodologies can at times separate, identify and quantify the chemicals present in complex mixtures. Analytical chemistry is used in virtually all industries, government agencies, studies of agents in the environment and forensics. In the American Chemical Society’s 2012 work survey, analytical chemistry was the most popular chemical specialty.

Research Areas:
Environmental Chemistry
Art Conservation
Art Conservation
Instrument development
Electroanalytical Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Robert P. Nolan, Subdiscipline Chair

Teresa Bandosz
Elizabeth Biddinger
Ronald Birke
Malgorzata (“Maggie”) Ciszkowska
Terry L. Dowd
Urs Jans
Edward Kennelly
Ali Kocak
Thomas Kubic
Jianbo Liu
Prabodhika Mallikaratchy
Donna McGregor
Aneta Mieszawska
Michael Mirkin
Robert Nolan
Pengfei Zhang