Molecular Biophysics

Molecular Biophysics seeks to understand essential biological processes in terms of physical chemistry. CUNY has over 30 faculty working in this area. Research interests include the mechanisms of signal transduction in cells, protein dynamics by neutron scattering and NMR, experimental and computational analysis of membrane protein structure and dynamics, and protein design. Students are encouraged to contact an individual faculty member to explore different research opportunities.

Research Areas:
Biophysical mechanisms of ligand binding
Protein NMR
Structural Biology
Neutron scattering
X-ray Crystallography
Computational biophysical chemistry


Molecular Biophysics Faculty

Prof. Ruth Stark, Subdiscipline Chair

Zimei Bu
Emmanuel Chang
Emilio Gallicchio
Kevin Gardner
Ranajeet Ghose
Brian R. Gibney
Dixie Goss
Michael Green
Nancy Greenbaum
Marilyn Gunner
Rupal Gupta
David Jeruzalmi
Edward Kennelly
Reza Khayat
Frida Kleiman
Ronald Koder
Themis Lazaridis
Richard Magliozzo
Louis Massa
Fred Naider
Sebastien Poget
Adam Profit
Susan Rotenberg
David Rumschitzki
Kevin Ryan
Chwen-Yang Shew
Ruth Stark
Mariana Torrente
Yujia Xu