Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry research at CUNY involves over 25 faculty covering the full range of modern organic chemistry from total synthesis of natural products to novel method development, to materials and medicinal applications. Faculty have received prestigious national awards including Fulbright Fellowships and the Harry Wasser Award. Our graduates go on to successful post-doctoral positions, careers in industry (Merck; GlaxoSmithKline; LivWell) and academia (Emory University, North Dakota State University).

Research Areas:
Organic Synthesis
Bioorganic Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Materials Science
Carbohydrate chemistry
Synthetic methodology
Natural products


Organic Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Ryan Murelli, Subdiscipline Chair

Mark Biscoe
Adam Braunschweig
Elise Champeil
Junyong Choi
Stephen Fearnley
Guillermo Gerona-Navarro
Alexander Greer
Wayne Harding
William Hersh
Mande Holford
Qiao-Sheng Hu
Urs Jans
George John
Akira Kawamura
Sanjai Kumar Pathak
Mahesh Lakshman
Panayiotis Meleties
David Mootoo
Ryan Murelli
Naphtali O’Connor
Adam Profit
Varattur Reddy
Barbara Zajc
Shengping Zheng