The CUNY Materials Research Society (MRS) University Chapter is an interdisciplinary community hoping to build an interactive global community of materials researchers. The organization focuses on collaboration and dissemination of ideas across all scientific disciplines, with a focus on materials research. We seek to increase diversity in our research fields, encouraging membership to all demographic groups and anyone who shares our desire to advance science and technology to improve the quality of life. Within the community, professional development will be emphasized and we will reach this goal through our technical events. The organization also aims to build a community of graduate students who can not only speak about scientific goals but will hopefully also produce lasting relationships beyond the scope of the Graduate Center. As a university chapter, we plan to coordinate with other MRS chapters, such as Columbia, Stevens, and Rutgers, to engage with our students and build a larger and more interactive community. The CUNY MRS openly invites collaboration between science and the humanities and we aim to develop a community of well-rounded academics, again with emphasis on advancement in science and technology to improve the quality of life.

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