Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry covers the synthesis and properties of compounds across the entire periodic table. This includes discrete coordination and organometallic compounds as well as nanoscale minerals. Eighteen faculty research groups at CUNY are studying various aspects of inorganic chemistry. This includes its application in nanoscience, its importance in biological systems, its role in catalysis, and its use in clinical radiochemistry.

Research Areas:
Coordination Chemistry
Synthesis and catalysis
Material science
Organometallic chemistry
Bioinorganic chemistry
Surface science and catalysis


Inorganic Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Andrei Jitianu, Subdiscipline Chair

Elizabeth Biddinger
Mark Biscoe
Benjamin Burton-Pye
Yu Chen
Maria Contel
Charles Drain
Lynn Francesconi
Harry Gafney
Brian R. Gibney
Rupal Gupta
Seogjoo Jang
Andrei Jitianu
Glen Kowach
Richard Magliozzo
Donna McGregor
Aneta Mieszawska
Stephen O’Brien
Maria Tamargo
Michele Vittadello
Brian Zeglis
Guoqi Zhang