Latest Publication from Kurtzman’s Laboratory

Kurtzman‘s lab at Lehman College developed an open-source software package for water analysis in molecular dynamics trajectories – Solvation Structure and Thermodynamic Mapping (SSTMap)

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An illustration of SSTMap calculates structural and thermodynamic properties of water molecules on regions of solute surfaces. Represented as either a grid of voxels (left) or a set of high-density hydration sites (right).

Latest Publication from O’Connor & Jitianu Groups

O’Connor & Jitianu research groups at Lehman College latest publication describes the development of dextran hydrogels by crosslinking with amino acid diamines and their viscoelastic properties. Adding new insights to the field of Biomaterials.
SEM images of dextran:LysOMe hydrogels crosslinked at different mass ratios (A-F), compared to a control dextran hydrogel with no amino acid crosslinker (G-I)