Latest Publication by PhD student Lauren Bejcek (Prof. Murelli Lab)

Congrats to PhD Student Lauren Bejcek of the Murelli lab (Brooklyn College) on her first author research publication, “Maltol- and allomaltol-derived oxidopyrylium ylides: Methyl substitution pattern kinetically influences [5 + 3] dimerization versus [5 + 2] cycloaddition reactions”, recently accepted in Journal of Organic Chemistry.

This work was a collaborative effort across multiple CUNY research labs including co-corresponding author Prof. Edyta Greer (Baruch College), Prof. Alec Greer (Brooklyn College) and Prof. William Hersh (Queens College).

Other co-authors include former postdoctoral associate Aswin Garimalla and Brooklyn College undergraduate Duygu Suyabatmaz.

See the accepted manuscript here:

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